Saturday, October 30, 2010

one scary night

"My ass!"

I put together a little treat that I hoped would do the trick if you were looking to get into the Halloween spirit, but I couldn't get it to download onto this blog no matter what I tried. Please click to visit my YouTube channel and view One Dark Night. The above picture I meant to include in the collage but somehow overlooked!

I wonder if anyone (other than Brer) can identify the theme music?


Brer said...

I'm afraid that even I am drawing a blank--but I'm tired and shagged out from a particularly prolonged squawk.

AlanDP said...

What is the music? It sounds to me like something modern that is intentionally imitating or incorporating elements of the baroque.

Babel said...

It is Sabrewolf's theme from the soundtrack to Super Nintendo's "Killer Instinct" game. It is kind of corny but I always enjoyed it all the same.