Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Discourse on Civil Discourse

Here we go again.
Another "senseless tragedy" (as opposed to a sensible tragedy) and we are off and running.
The Arizona shooting was a bad thing that occurred in a world wherein bad things are part of the machinery.
And yet there is an attempt to "make sense" of the incident. How could this happen? The verdict was in almost as quickly as the question was posed.
It was you again.
Your unhealthy addiction to freedom of speech.
Your discourse has gotten too "uncivil".
As you tried to hash out a solution to a corrupt government, a wrecked economy, and War without end , you got too nasty, and it infected the air , causing this boy to grab a gun and go a-shooting.
"We need to use our Modern Magic, LAWMAKING, to correct these ills: okay Murder is already illegal. Let's outlaw guns, outlaw speech, outlaw shaving your head, outlaw bullets, outlaw public gatherings at Safeway. Make it against the Law to think negative thoughts when you are within 200 yards of an elected official. There must be more things we can outlaw to ensure this never happens again. Let's outlaw Death itself!"
Sorry, folks.
There are no additional laws that need to be passed. There is no one to fire. No one to kick off the air. Just one fellow among we 400 million Americans who got it into his head that taking his guns to town was a swell idea. He will need to pay for his crimes under the existing law.
How can we stop this from happening again?
I hate to say it, but we can't do a thing, the numbers are against us, another person will pick up another gun, or a knife, or a bomb, or a box-cutter, and more bad stuff will happen. The only thing we can truly hope for is that more people will have the guts to try to slow the next one down a little if they can, like those few brave citizens who stopped the Arizona shooter from re-loading.
So enough already about our discourse. Civil or not , it is Ours. Sometimes in the Grown-up world we have to think, do, or say things that are unpleasant, and pinning every murder and run over kitten on our conscience will not stop us from saying what needs to be said.
Nice try, though.