Sunday, July 6, 2008


As millions of Americans are piling into their hover cars and hitting the International Moon Resort for the two week MLK B-DAY holiday season, I think it is only appropriate for us to belay the traditional tofu log and exchange of holo-tatoos just long enough to pause and recall the remarkable man to whom we are supposed to be honoring during this joyful time of year. Few people pause to consider why it is that we don black suits and pencil moustaches on MLK's day eve, or take our children marching down the streets singing protest songs and getting candy door to door. One only needs to zap load into Wikipedia and learn about this unique man; for instance, did you know that MLK stands for Martin Luther King? He was a hero of the Civil Rights movement in the early to mid 20th century, widely credited with having had a dream about freeing the slaves. He heroically helped elderly women find seats at the front of terrestrial mass transit vehicles. Along with the 35th president of what was then called "The United States of America", John F. Kennedy, early sound recording legend Frank Sinatra, and 2D star John Wayne, MLK formed what was then called "the Rat Pack". After many struggles MLK was shot as he was looking over a balcony by lone gunman James Earl Carter. As he fell from the balcony much of the country erupted into rioting. Even though the Man was dead, his legend lived on; and his crusade carried on by the next generation of Civil Rights warriors: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton the First, and Don Imus. Many have widely credited MLK's efforts for the unprecedented six terms of President Barack Obama. So this year, before you round up the kids and Grandma to go surfing at the South Pole resort, stop and contemplate why we are celebrating; help keep the MLK in MLK B-Day...

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