Monday, July 21, 2008

Press Release from John O'Khan/A-1 Party Leader

I have been catching a lot of poo lately about our party's position on the situation in Iraq. In brief I believe that we should exit the Iraq theatre altogether to allow local powers to hash out who is going to be top dog; a situation that is bound to occur whenever we end up leaving, whether it be tomorrow or in 50 years. If the outcome is intolerable to us we can reserve the right to bomb the fritters out of 'em, but I personally think we have done enough to those poor people. Now, there is a lot of fallout that will occur in the region no matter what we do;let's do what is best for us here and now, apologize, and get our heinies out of the mix. You know, when this whole mess started, 9/11 was fresh in our hearts and minds. I don't really believe that we wanted to go there for revenge so much as to take down the most vulnerable of the bad dudes over there that was always giving us the finger and flaunting all his bad ass killer toys which we came to find out later he either gave away, let degrade away, or he never had them to begin with. We couldn't trust the UN inspectors much more than we could trust Saddam, so we did what we had to do to deal with the situation; we HAD to know. Well, what's done is done, and now we know. Now we've been struggling for years to put something together that doesn't really want to be put together, and it's a mess. I may have put our parties support behind the effort if it looked like we had the expertise to pull something off there, but after a coupla years of sucking wind we had our best and brightest come up with the brilliant strategy called the Surge. What was the great plan? Send in more troops! Wow! How Douglas freakin' MacArthur of them! Oh, and you hear them all bragging about the success of the Surge! OOO! Here's my even better idea-send a Super Surge! Even more troops! All the troops, send 'em all! I guarantee you'll see less fighting back if there's 10 US troops for every Iraqi. And then when we finally leave, what's gonna happen? Gee, hard to say. Now if the unspoken strategy is that we stay there forever somebody best speak up and let our democracy have a say on what we should do. I am a patriot in that I love our silly, grumpy, lazy, unimpressed people,; we're far from perfect,we're not as tough as we think we are, or as good, but we are all right at heart; mainly our folks want to be let alone and leave everybody else alone despite what our government does. Here's my real proposal:leave everybody else alone unless they muck with us, and blow 'em up real good if they do. What the hell is wrong with that?

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