Thursday, July 3, 2008


Exciting news from the Entertainment Desk!!!Hollywood has been doing such boffo box office with comic book adaptations such as Batman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Ironman, etc., that Lupis Arts Entertainment has announced a forthcoming big budget extravaganza based on the hugely popular Little Lulu franchise! Details are top secret but our Hollywood Source has gotten the first scoop on the exciting production.SPOILER ALERT! Here's the poop: Director Ang Lee helms the project and has promised a darker more complex approach to Lulu and her neighborhood pals. Through the wizardy of ILM adult actors will be portraying the beloved moppets with such masterly casting as Angelina Jolie as the eponymous heroine, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Tubby; Steve Carrell as Alvin; in an artistic coup Iggy Pop has been tapped to play the character Iggy; and (this we gotta see!) Lulu's parents are both to be total CGI figures voiced by veteran actors Sir Ian Mckellan and Dame Judy Dench! Here's the Spoiler stuff-(2nd warning!) Tubby deals with the effects of a botched lap-band surgery, Alvin goes on a hilarious spree after his Ritalin prescription is mixed up with his dad's Viagra, and Lulu herself has to compete with an Ethiopian girl that her parents adopt(to be played by Beyoncee Knowles). "We wanted Lulu and the gang to come out of the 50's or 40's or whatever the hell decade they were stuck in , and be contemporary kids with contemporary problems, " director Lee told our Source. This darker , edgier take is just what the old franchise needed, and in the capable hands of this talented crew we can expect big business and many more chapters to come...The Little Lulu Chronicles, as the still -in -production pic is tentatively called, is set for a Christmas 2008 release and we can't wait, after all, Little Lulu we love you-lou just the same!

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